Workshop Series

Teen and Tween Adoptees Event

Date:  Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time:  2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Place: IAC Center, 2 Tree Farm Road, Suite A200, Pennington, NJ 08534

Cost: $45 includes all materials, snacks, drinks and Pizza!


Come to meet others whose lives have been touched by adoption.

  • Share how adoption as shown in popular media (television, movies) feels with people who "get it" and who understand!

  • Express yourself through:

    • Creative writing, poetry or song-writing

    • Art, drawing or scrapbooking

    • Yoga instruction

    • Music and movement

    • Or just plain talking about subjects of your choosing

    Sample a variety of activities or spend your time enjoying the one you like best. .

    This workshop has been developed by IAC Center Counselors who have extensive experience working with adoption life cycle issues. According to esteemed Psychologist and author, Irvin Yalom, PhD, “the teen years are a time of tremendous change unmatched any other period of child development.” Extensive research shows the years between eight and 16 are particularly challenging for adoptees as they fully cognate adoption and develop their personal identity. Our workshops will provide tweens and teens and their parents a chance to touch base and learn some coping methods and positive ways to communicate at home.

During the teen workshop, parents are invited to participate in a discussion group with an IAC Center Counselor in a separate office suite so that privacy can be enjoyed by all! Separate breakout groups will be provided for “tweens” and teens and we plan to form separate groups for middle and high school age groups.

Sample a variety of activities or spend your time enjoying the one you like best.

Please Contact IAC Center at or call 609-737-8750 to register, for more information or to inquire about our upcoming teen groups in Pennington and Montclair NJ.


Directions using YAHOO maps: click here
Destination: 2 Tree Farm Road, Pennington N.J., 08534