IAC Center’s mission is to provide counseling and other services for people whose lives have been touched by infertility, donor conception and adoption. In the past IAC offered groups and workshops but we are currently turning our attention to other initiatives (see below) and will not be offering them at this time.  

Currently, Joni Mantell, LCSW is offering Consultations in these areas:

For Parents Through Donor Conception and Parents Through Adoption

Parent Counseling
  • Learn how to talk with your children (young or adult) about donor conception or adoption at the different stages of their development
  • Gain insight into what might make this process challenging for you; and learn how to make it more comfortable disclosing and/or having these discussions with your child.

Help With Telling  Your Child/Teen/Adult About Their Origins
  • While telling ‘early and often’ is recommended, many parents have not done so for various reasons.
  • Note:  It is never too late to ‘tell’ and it is always better for your ‘child’ to hear the truth from you – the parent – than through a DNA Test or other inadvertent means.

For Families

  • Open Adoption Consultations for adoptive, birth parents and/or adoptees struggling with communication or other issues.
  • Family Mediations for Donor Conceived or Adopted Persons and their Families – Mediated sessions between Parents and Child (young or adult) at any point in the discovery process. When unexpected adoption/donor secrets have been learned, it may be difficult, yet important and healing to explore the viewpoints of both the offspring and the parent(s) together.
  • Sessions For Donor Conceived Persons And Biological Parent/Donor, or Donor Siblings. These relationships may benefit from help with communication or other issues.

For Professionals

  • Supervision for therapists in the areas of donor conception and adoption

Resource Page

Since Joni Mantell is only providing the services mentioned here, she has provided a link to a Resource Page where you might find another therapist specializing in infertility, donor conception or adoption for other counseling needs or longer-term therapy.


Based in Pennington, NJ