About IAC

Perhaps you’re here to explore alternative family-building options. Or you have questions about parenting through adoption or donor options. Or maybe you found your way to us in an effort to fully understand the feelings you have about your own childhood adoption or to deal with issues about an open adoption. Whatever your current situation, we’re ready to help.

Within the IAC Center’s supportive and informative environment, you can develop the tools to decide what is right for you, your family and your lifestyle. Our work with individuals experiencing medical and situational infertility, and those in all phases of the adoption life cycle helps us to understand the multiple perspectives and lifelong themes associated with these issues.

“Working with all members of the adoption constellation at multiple points in the life cycle helps us to better understand the lifelong themes and implications of decisions made during various stages in an adoption and in families built through third party reproductive technologies.” – Joni Mantell, Director of the IAC Center