Susan Merkel, MSW, LSW

2015_03_01_0340Susan Merkel, MSW, LSW works as an IAC Center Counselor at the Pennington office providing individual counseling to teens and adults. Susan received her Master of Social Work in 2012 from Rutgers University Graduate School of Social Work, and has a Post Graduate Advanced Certificate in Bowen Family System Therapy. Prior to joining IAC Center, Merkel worked with individuals, groups and families at Princeton Healthcare System Princeton House, Women’s Center and Eating Disorder Unit with inpatient and outpatient populations. She has provided counseling to individuals and couples dealing with infertility and adoption. Susan has spoken about adoption search and reunion, family systems, transracial challenges, as well as adoption identity.

Susan is on the board of the American Adoption Congress and has been advocating with NJCare for New Jersey on behalf of constellation members for the past seven years; and is proud to have been part of the team that testified and advocated in support of the NJ Birthright Act, which was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie in May 2013. Her clinical and political experience with search and reunion demonstrate the commitment and passion she brings to this work.  Susan and Joni Mantell have developed the new Adoption Connections Program.

– Birth Family Communication
– Infertility Counseling
– Post Adoption Counseling
– Search and Reunion Considerations and Challenges
– Transracial Adoptive Family Issues