Family Building Options

“What constitutes a family is different for everyone. One person may choose to explore a variety of fertility solutions, another may choose to adopt. Some may decide to remain a couple without children or to be a single parent through fertility or adoption options. Each family is unique.” – Joni S. Mantell, LCSW, Director of the Infertility and Adoption Counseling Center

Family Building Options Exploration

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Family building options counseling is helpful to individuals and couples facing infertility; and for singles and same-sex couples wishing to explore their family-building alternatives.

Individuals and couples come to discuss continuing infertility treatments, donor options, adoption, surrogacy or the child-free family. Wherever you are in your process, we’ll help you consider the short-term, long-term; emotional and relationship factors associated with each choice.

“This very specialized area of counseling offers a non-biased overview of family-building options to help individuals and couples in making timely decisions that are mindful of long term implications.” Joni S. Mantell, LCSW, Director of the Infertility and Adoption Counseling Center 

Long-term Perspective

The decisions you make at the initial stages in your family planning have long-term implications for you and your child. The IAC Center helps clients consider the long-term issues while they are in an emotionally driven state.

Emotional Support

Our clients experience the family building options phase of their lives in many different ways. For some, they are excited about having choices. Others are in a state of grief about their disappointed wish for a biological child. And some couples are not on the same page and may even find themselves in a marital crisis.

We will start with wherever you are. We are well able to offer extensive experience in helping individuals and couples to navigate these complex emotional and relationship issues.

Client Diversity

Our clients include couples and singles with infertility, medical or genetic diagnoses contraindicating pregnancy, singles and same-sex couples desiring children; adoptive families and individuals, birth parents; parents seeking third party reproductive options and parents of children born via donor origin. Our range and experience makes us uniquely prepared to handle your needs.

If you are interested in adoption you will want to learn about IAC Center’s specialized Pre-Adoption Counseling

This is an opportunity to learn about all of your adoption options from a neutral IAC Center counselor. People are generally exhausted by the time they reach adoption. The information available on the Internet and through agencies and attorneys is both fascinating and overwhelming. Since the IAC Center does not do adoptions and is not affiliated with any particular adoption agency or attorney, we can help you to explore your adoption options and to make timely decisions that are right for you without any accompanying marketing pitches.