How We Can Help

What I’ve learned in counseling will help me with anything else I have to face in life.
M.R., IVF Patient

  • Family Building Options – Consider all of your options, get on the same page with your partner and make decisions you can live with for a lifetime
  • Infertility – Get support, counseling and education about coping tools.
  • Pre-Adoption – Learn all about adoption from a neutral perspective. Get support, education and advocacy so you can make plans you can live with for a lifetime.
  • Adoption – IAC Center counselors work with all adoption constellation members at all phases of the life cycle.
  • Open Adoption Consultation – Get help in planning, maintaining and dealing with difficulties in these complex relationships.
  • Search and Reunion  – Counseling and Support for all adoption constellation members
  • The Adoption Talking Circle – An opportunity for all adoption constellation members to share, listen and feel a sense of community.