For many couples having a child is not a simple matter. In fact, infertility affects nearly one in every six couples in the U.S.  Life events that are uncontrollable are typically more stressful than those that are not.  Since having a child is such an important life event, the stress of infertility is considerable.

Some of our clients seek counseling and psycho-education to help them cope with the emotional, social and practical issues related to their infertility treatment; or a failed infertility treatment cycle, miscarriage or pregnancy loss; or anxiety related to pregnancy after infertility.

The IAC Center offers counseling and evaluations for people who are dealing with infertility.


Counseling is offered for individuals and couples.  In counseling you can learn how to deal with the emotional, relationship and social issues related to infertility, how to make decisions while under stress and to set realistic goals; relaxation techniques and other coping skills.

We have found that most of our infertility clients prefer private individual or couples counseling sessions.  Support groups may be found through RESOLVE, American Fertility Association or online.

Family Building Options Counseling

Counseling offers a non-biased overview of your family building options to help you make timely decisions that are mindful of long term implications.   We understand that what constitutes a family is different for everyone.  Each family is unique.  You may be considering Donor Egg, Donor Sperm, Embryo Donation or a Gestational Carrier arrangement; Adoption or Child-free Living.

IAC Center Counselors can help you process which option feels right for you, and to more clearly understand the personal and life-cycle issues that may occur with each choice.

If you and your partner are having difficulty agreeing on a family building option, you will be heartened to learn that this process often helps partners to get on the same page fairly quickly.

“These are very clearly not just different treatment options even if they may initially be presented to you that way. These are very different family building options. Individuals and couples will want to think through what feels right for them and their family.” Joni S. Mantell, LCSW


  • Psychological evaluation and screening for individuals and couples planning to use donor sperm
  • Referrals for donor egg and Gestational Carrier Evaluations