About Joni Mantell

Joni Mantell, LCSW, is a psychotherapist with thirty years of experience specializing in infertility and adoption; the Founder and Director of IAC Center.

She has:

  • Developed workshops for parents on How to Talk With Children and Teens about Adoption and Donor Conception
  • Created a Lifelong Short-term Therapy Model to help parents communicate about these issues with their children at multiple points in the life cycle
  • Provided Mediation in the areas of Open Adoption and for Late Discovery Donor Conceived or Adopted Persons and their Families
  • Been a frequent feature writer and contributor to “Ask the Expert” articles for Adoptive Families Magazine and other select publications.
  • Advocated for Parental Openness about adoption and donor conception
  • Done over 400 Mental Health Consultations for couples and singles considering sperm and egg donation.

Then, in 2019 Joni learned from a DNA test that she herself was donor conceived.

The unique juxtaposition of her professional specialties and personal story allows her insight from the perspective of both expert and subject. This has:

  • Deepened her already existing understanding and passion for working with individuals and families whose lives have been touched by adoption or donor conception
  • Strengthened her commitment to helping parents gain the confidence they need to talk openly and about these issues at multiple points in the life cycle
  • Increased her involvement in advocating for change within the Reproductive Medicine Industry to meet the needs of Donor Conceived Persons, as well as the needs of Recipient Parents and Donors.

Toward these goals, she participates in:

Joni holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania; completed a 4-year Certification Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy from the Post Graduate Center for Mental Health in New York City; and has taken specialized trainings in couples therapy, adoption, donor conception, grief and loss, and understanding the creative process. She has extensive clinical experience with most adoption and donor conception constellation members (Adoptees, Adoptive and Birth Parents; Donor Conceived Persons, and Gamete Recipient Parents); has also worked extensively with couples and singles considering family-building options; counseling couples; and creative and performing artists including Broadway actors.

Based in Pennington, NJ