Adoption Talking Circle

The IAC Adoption Talking Circle ™

Talking Circle

If I had to name the most transforming discovery of my life, it would be talking circles; those gatherings where everyone may talk, everyone must listen, and a balance between the two creates a community.”  Gloria Steinem

The IAC Center Talking Circle ™ gives all members of the adoption constellation who are in or contemplating reunion, a safe, nonjudgmental and supportive place to connect with others whose lives have been similarly touched by adoption. Our Talking Circle is a place for adoptees, birth family, and adoptive parents to speak freely, share ideas and learn from one another in a mindful way.

Talking Circles originated with Native American tribes and were created a vehicle for communication, the sharing of one’s personal experiences and the opportunity to mindfully listen and learn from others experiences and perspectives. This model develops an enhanced sense of community; and frequently a depth of understanding of the self and others.

IAC launched our first innovative Talking Circle model in January 2017, in support of the recently enacted NJ Birthright Act, and it grew from three original members to over 20 within six months. We discovered that the IAC Talking Circle™ model is a wonderful source of information, interaction, and interconnectedness.

Now that our first group is full we are launching a second group. Each group gathering is:

  • Facilitated by adoption competent professional counselors
  • Is for adoptees, birth family and adoptive parents who are considering or involved in search or reunion.   
  • Meets once a month
  • Includes 8 to 10 members that attend regularly so that members feel safe and can have a more personalized experience.

2018 Dates:

Day: 2nd Wednesdays of each month (unless otherwise indicated) May 9; June 13; July 11; Sept. 11; Oct. 10; Nov. 14; Dec. 12.

Time: 7:00 to 9:00 PM    

Place:  IAC Center, The Shoppes at Pennington, 21 Route 31, Building B, Suite B5, Pennington NJ 08534

Cost: Cost: $40 per session paid as $240 for six months or $430 for 12 months (10% discount for year). We accept personal checks, VISA and MasterCard. IAC Center is an out-of-network provider. A zero balance invoice can be provided to you for insurance reimbursement submission

For more information contact:  IAC Center Counselor Susan Merkel, MSW, LSW at or 609-694-6065.                            


Based in Pennington, NJ