Baby Care for Intended Parents through Gestational Surrogacy


This workshop is for you if you are contracted with a Gestational Carrier and would like to learn about Labor & delivery and newborn baby care.

Workshop Facilitator is Danielle Ciccaglione RN, BSN, CCE, an IAC Center Educator, a certified childbirth educator with extensive experience teaching classes on both childbirth and newborn baby care; a specialty in educating the Intended Parents of gestational carrier arrangements and now pre-adoptive parents on the birth process, the hospital experience, and newborn infant care.

Becoming a parent through gestational surrogacy is a joyous experience. Many Intended Parents begin to feel excited yet nervous about labor & delivery expectations and care of their long awaited newborn. This class will help Intended Parents begin to feel more confident and comfortable prior to their new arrival. It will allow Intended Parents to learn in a setting that allows them to feel open to asking questions and meeting others with similar stories.

You will learn about:

  • GC/IP relationships
    Necessary items travel, hotels, first days with infant
  • Labor & delivery
  • Medical: newborn testing, vaccinations, procedures, care of infant while in hospital
  • Gestational surrogacy issues
  • Baby Care including: feeding, burping, diapers, swaddling/soothing, bathing, cord care
  • What do you need once baby is home, the must haves and items that “would be nice” to have too.
  • Understanding your infants needs and handling a “cranky baby”
  • Choosing a pediatrician

You will have plenty of time to ask questions as well.

Based in Pennington, NJ