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Discovery and Adoption:

Joni Mantell presents THE HANJI BOX + discussion with director Nora Jacobson   Please join us on Saturday, November 4th at 7:00 PM at the Hopewell Theatre for a special viewing of an award-winning film, The Hanji Box, which depicts the stormy relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter which is complicated by adoption […]

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Third Time’s the Charm: A Mother’s Gift to Her Daughter

By Susan Merkel, MSW, LSW/ IAC Center Counselor   While many people start their adoption process unsure of where, and how to proceed; Lisa and Harry had a unique perspective which led them specifically to Guatemala. After learning medical issues would prevent a safe pregnancy, the couple took a break from their jobs and travelled […]

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Stories: IAC Adoption Talking Circle

Join us or our NEW program and please share this event with others that would benefit IAC Center Adoption Talking Circle– Our Talking Circle is a place for all adoption constellation members to talk about adoption and to hear the perspectives of other people that are in also trying to navigate complex adoption relationships and improve their […]

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IAC Center Responds to Change in NJ Adoption Law

IAC Center Responds to Change in NJ Adoption Law With gratitude to the adoption rights advocates at NJ-CARE IAC Center responds to the change in the NJ Adoption Law. Read about this in the Adoptive Families Magazine News Brief: New Jersey Unseals Adoption Records  A New Jersey law signed in 2014 went into effect on January 1, 2017, and NJ […]

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2017: A Year for Community Connections

2017: A year in which Our Connections to Communities Are More Important than Ever.  Join a Community for Personal and Family Connections: IAC Center offers groups, workshops and introductions to like-minded peers. For 2017 in addition to counseling we have: A brand new IAC Center Connections Program to meet the needs of adoptees, birth parents […]

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Young Adults Leaving Home

As seen on “There are only two lasting gifts we can give our children: One is roots – The other is wings”  Hodding Carter, Sr. Leaving home is a challenging period in nearly everyone’s life, fraught with conflicting feelings and needs: the earnest desire for independence and autonomy, alongside the fear of failure, and […]

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Healthy Holiday Tip Sheet

    Third Thursday of the Month Group in 2014 SEASONS GREETINGS, Tis the season for heightened emotions. Whether you’re in the process of building your family or already parenting, I hope this Healthy Holidays Tip Sheet arrives in the nick of time. Pictured here are members of what was the Third Thursday of the Month Pre-adoption group at […]

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Therapeutic Writing: Putting Your Feelings on Paper

Infertility, parenting after adoption, growing up in an adoptive family, relinquishing a child—all give rise to complex emotions. Learn about the innovative Therapeutic Writing model that’s helping many lay bare and make sense of their innermost thoughts.

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