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Young Adults Leaving Home

As seen on “There are only two lasting gifts we can give our children: One is roots – The other is wings”  Hodding Carter, Sr. Leaving home is a challenging period in nearly everyone’s life, fraught with conflicting feelings and needs: the earnest desire for independence and autonomy, alongside the fear of failure, and […]

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Healthy Holiday Tip Sheet

    Third Thursday of the Month Group in 2014 SEASONS GREETINGS, Tis the season for heightened emotions. Whether you’re in the process of building your family or already parenting, I hope this Healthy Holidays Tip Sheet arrives in the nick of time. Pictured here are members of what was the Third Thursday of the Month Pre-adoption group at […]

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Birth Parent Fantasies and Fears

Is your child entertaining a wild birth parent fantasy? Don’t worry — it’s totally normal. Around ages six to seven, children are capable of more complex thinking and begin to grasp what adoption means. This gives rise to new, sometimes alarming fantasies and fears. While many children daydream about another set of parents — who […]

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Book Review: Pieces of Me

Susan Merkel Book Review: Pieces of Me Edited by Robert L. Ballard ISBN: 9780972624442 “Who am I?” is a question everyone asks themselves at least once in their life. But for adopted people, especially during their teenage years, the answer can be more elusive, which makes for a much more complicated experience in adolescence and […]

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Parenting Challenging Teens

Written By: Norm Thibault, PhD, LMFT Executive Director of Three Points Center  For those who watch for it, it seems that adoption has been presented in a less-than-positive light in the media lately. There is a dangerous trend to equate all adoptions with attachment issues, and to focus solely on the significant problems that can accompany some […]

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