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Healthy Holiday Tip Sheet

    Third Thursday of the Month Group in 2014 SEASONS GREETINGS, Tis the season for heightened emotions. Whether you’re in the process of building your family or already parenting, I hope this Healthy Holidays Tip Sheet arrives in the nick of time. Pictured here are members of what was the Third Thursday of the Month Pre-adoption group at […]

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Transracial Adoptive Families

Learn about the challenges of growing up as part of a transracial adoptive family and how parents and professionals can help. Speaker/Moderator: Bridget Devine, LSW, an IAC Center Counselor with extensive clinical experience working with all adoption triad members; children, tweens and teens; general parenting and transracial adoptive family issues. A Panel of adults who […]

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Personal Identity: A Core Issue of Adoption

Written By: Jeremy Robbi, M.A. The development of a positive personal identity is a common theme among transracially-adopted children. As a biracial transracial adoptee myself, I encountered several challenges growing up while developing my own identity. I would advise parents to be cognizant of two things as they endeavor to raise their transracially-adopted child to have a healthy sense […]

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Becoming a “Public Family”

Preparing for Trans racial/Cultural Adoption Written By: Jane Cramer, MSW, IAC Center Counselor specializing in international adoption, foster to adoption, work with adopted children What is a public family? When families adopt a child from a different race or culture it is usually obvious to strangers that their child joined their family through adoption. This makes […]

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White Skin on My Hands

Written By: T. Reid I’m not seeking validation or to make you feel bad I just want you to know what a tough time I had An adopted child you wanted to have But at my expense I made you glad I eased you mind, your responsibility About raising a black child in a white […]

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