Integrative Parenting: Strategies for Promoting Self Regulation in Children

Are traditional parenting methods like consequences, timeouts, and reprimands not working for you and your child? Does your child go into a full-blown melt down within seconds of what seems like a minor frustration? Is your relationship with your child suffering? If so, this workshop is for you. Learn about the child’s developing brain and how that understanding can guide you in helping your child to develop emotional regulation. Appropriate for parents of children of all ages.

Speaker/Moderator Bridget Devine, LSW, an IAC Center Counselor who specializes in adoption, parenting, adolescence and ADHD. She has trained in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy with Dan Hughes, Theraplay , and The Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska Bridget is also a certified parent coach.

In this 5 session series you will learn:

  • About the impact of neurological development on emotional development
  • How early trauma and attachment disruption affects the child’s developing brain
  • To identify your child’s triggers and situations that increase your child’s vulnerability
  • To understand what is behind your child’s behavior so that the root causes can be addressed
  • Strategies to help your child identify sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts so that he can make better decisions and be more flexible
  • Parenting tools to use during a meltdown
  • How to set boundaries and consequences with Love and Attunement
  • How to be a Mindful parent
  • How to help your child to integrate the different parts of his brain to foster emotional growth

Based in Pennington, NJ