Open Adoption Books and Resources

For Pre-Adoptive and Adoptive Parents


  • Open Adoption Reference Guide: by Joni Mantell, MSW – This is a good guide for starting this relationship on the right foot, dealing with bumps on the road and keeping the focus on the purpose of the relationship: the best interests of the child.
  • The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption by Lavendar Lutz. Through their own stories and those of other families of open adoption, Lori and Crystal review the secrets to success, the pitfalls and challenges, the joys and triumphs. By putting the adopted child at the center, families can come to enjoy the benefits of open adoption and mitigate the challenges that may arise.
  • The Open Adoption Experience – A Complete Guide for Adoptive and Birth Families – Lois Ruskai Melina and Sharon Kaplan Roszia. An excellent guide to open adoption which helps to answer the questions of both birth parents and adoptive parents and allays the fears of both parties
  • To Have and Not To Hold: The Bonding of Two Mothers Through Adoption by Lorri Antosz Benson. At age 24, while working as a producer for a national television show, Benson found herself pregnant—and made the agonizing decision to place her daughter for adoption. Years later, she reconnected with her birth child, and formed an unexpectedly close bond with her daughter’s adoptive mother. As you read the author’s story, you feel as if you’re with her on each step of her journey.


For Children

  • Sam’s Sister, by Juliet C. Bond (Perspectives Press). Five-year-old Rosa shares the excitement of her brother’s birth, and of getting to know the family her mother chose to adopt him.
  • Megan’s Birthday Tree, by Laurie Lears (Albert Whitman & Co.). Megan’s birth mother finds a special way to assure the young girl that their relationship will always be important, no matter how their families change.


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