Parenting the Older Adopted Child

Participants will learn typical characteristics and behaviors of children adopted over the age of two years and the long term parenting skills necessary to facilitate a successful outcome.

Speaker/Moderator Bridget Devine, LSW, is an IAC Center Counselor with extensive clinical experience working with all adoption triad members; families of children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, and behavioral issues; and teenagers. She also worked at an adoption agency where she prepared couples and singles to become adoptive parents and provided counseling to help with the transition once the children were home. She will be joined by a Panel of Adoptive Parents and Teens and Young Adults who were adopted at an older age

You will learn:

  • Who are the children who need forever families?
  • How the abandonment, neglect, and abuse and other trauma experienced by these children impacts the development of attachment and the trust
  • Phases of adjustment: Honeymoon, Testing, Settling in
  • About trauma and it’s effects
  • Motivations for adopting the older child and how to decide if it is right for a particular family.
  • Characteristics of Families with Successful Older Child Adoptions
  • Strategies, Approaches and Tools to help both the child and the family

Based in Pennington, NJ