Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can be enormously helpful in opening up communication between two people; or in deciphering and working through the deeper issues that are getting in the way of intimacy. In addition to formal training in working with couples, witnessing and helping scores of couples successfully navigate the family building crisis has helped Joni Mantell to learn invaluable skills for working with couples dealing with all kinds of relationship difficulties.

My work with couples facing the inability to conceive a biological child has taught me more about couples dynamics and the relationship-enhancing tools necessary to help all couples than all of my years of formal education and clinical experience.” Joni Mantell, LCSW

A relationship crisis can be an opportunity for a couple to get even closer or it can tear them apart. When couples are grieving their inability to conceive a biological child both partners are in personal crisis at the same time and yet they MUST find ways to communicate and to make major life-altering decisions together (about whether to end medical treatment, pursue adoption, donor egg or sperm options or to live a life without children). The tools necessary to navigate this crisis on both the personal and relationship enhancing levels provide real life lessons for couples dealing with all sorts of relationship difficulties, conflicts, life transitions, losses and other personal and interpersonal issues.

Couples seek therapy when they are:

  • Wanting to increase intimacy
  • Having difficulty communicating
  • Arguing and unable to untangle their conflicts
  • Seeking pre-marital counseling to anticipate major issues or decisions
  • Considering separation
  • Having concerns about handling their children
  • Feeling sexually disconnected

Tools you can use on your own or as part of therapy: