Therapists specializing in infertility, donor conception or adoption. Note the States each therapist is licensed in when making a choice.

Judy Kottick, LCSW, Director Fertility Counseling and Consulting Services

Jersey City, NJ
In person and virtual availability
Areas of Specialization:
Infertility, Donor Conception, Family Building Options, Miscarriage, Pregnancy Loss, Early Infant Death, PCOS, Transitioning from Infertility to Adoption. Consultations and Evaluations for Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, Embryo Donation, Gestational Carrier arrangements. Parenting after infertility including How To Talk To Kids and Teens About Donor Conception.
Author: Contributed chapter to Frozen Dreams: Psychodynamic Dimensions of Infertility and Assisted Reproduction.
States Licensed in: New York, New Jersey, Florida

Bob Bamman, LCSW

The Flatiron District, NYC (21st & Broadway).
In person and virtual availability
Areas of Specialization: Adoptive families, adopted persons, birth-family; Pre-teens/teens (adoptive and biological);Parents/parenting issues; Men & women around issues of anxiety, depression, life crisis.
Licensed: New York State

Michele L. Cole, LCSW, GC-C Director The Family Building Support Center, LLC and a Certified Grief Counselor

Westfield, NJ 07090
Virtual Availability
Phone: 908-232-7277
Web address:
Areas of Specialization: Family building issues including infertility, assisted and third-party reproduction, adoption. Grief and mourning associated with pregnancy and infant loss. Individual and Family Therapy; Works with children, adolescents and adults. Clinical focus includes depression, anxiety, bereavement, attachment and family life issues.
States Licensed in: New Jersey and New York

Jennie Dunn, LCSW-R, RPT

1449 Lexington Avenue Suite 2E
New York, NY 10128
In person and virtual availability
Areas of Specialization: Adult Adoptees, Adoptive Parents, Birth Parents, including overseeing reunion. Has an Adult-Adoptee Support Group. Works with children, teens, and adults. Certified in Trauma Work for Children, and is a Registered Play Therapist.
States Licensed in: New York

Nancy Freeman-Carroll, Psy.D. Psychologist-Psychoanalyst

In-person and virtual availability
350 Central Park West, Suite 13E
New York, NY. 10025
Areas of Specialization: Children, Adults, and Parents with Infants. Individual, Couples and Family Therapy. Helping parents communicate with children of all ages about donor assisted conception and surrogacy. Late discovery of adoption, donor conception or other MPE. Counseling about family building options, including evaluations of recipient parents, known donors, surrogates.
Monthly (or bi-monthly) ONLINE support groups for individuals and families living with donor assisted conception open to anyone in the US.
Licensed: New York State.

Patti Hart, LCSW

Princeton, NJ
In person or by phone.
Areas of specialization: Adoption and Donor Conception for parents and Adult Adoptees and Donor Conceived Persons.
States Licensed in: New Jersey

Dori Kavanagh, LCSW

In-person and virtual availability
Englewood, NJ 07631
Areas of Specialization: Infertility, adoption, and family building. Has particular interests in LGBTQ+ family building, third-party reproduction and later in life DNA surprises. Postpartum Support.
States Licensed in: New Jersey and New York.

Carole LieberWilkins, LMFT
Areas of Specialization: Donor Conception, Adoption, Helping Parents and Intended Parents feel comfortable talking to their children about Donor Conception and Adoption; Donor conceived people, late discovery and always known. Considering Different Forms of Family Building; Couples and Individual Counseling, Grief, Loss and Trauma around the challenges of Infertility.
Co-Author: Let’s Talk About Egg Donation: Real Stories, Real People
States Licensed in: California, Idaho and Nevada

Liz Lombardi, MSW

Maplewood NJ in person, NY online
Areas of specialization: Infertility. Adoption. Adults and Teens. Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Trauma – including EMDR.
States Licensed in: New Jersey, New York

Beverly Mason MSW

Areas of specialization: Adoption. Adults and Teens. All Adoption Constellation Members. LGBTQ+
States Licensed in: New Jersey, New York, North Carolina

Jana Rupnow, LPC

Websites: and
Areas of Specialization: Infertility, Family Building Options, Donor Conception, Adoption, Surrogacy, LGBTQ+, Single Mothers By Choice. Counseling required by fertility clinics for using donor egg, sperm, or surrogacy and helps in managing conversations with known donors.
Author: Three Makes Baby: How to Parent Your Donor Conceived Child
States Licensed in: Texas, Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, New York

Sarah Saffian, LCSW-R, MFA

NYC in person and virtual availability
Areas of Specialization: Adults. Adoption, Infertility, Perinatal Issues, Relationships, Sexuality, Loss and Grief; and Life Stage Transitions.
Author: Ithaka, chronicles the experience of being an adoptee who was found by her birth family.
States Licensed in: New York

Ely Reisen, LCSW

Colorado and Texas
(720) 727-7373
Areas of Specialization: Donor Conceived People (DCPs), Recipient Parents (RP’s) Counseling and Psychoeducational Mental Health Consultation for Recipient Parents trying to conceive with donor conception; Donors adjusting to identity disclosure, first contact, and/or management of complex relational dynamics involving their ‘bios’ (offspring), partners, family of origin, and/or RPs across the lifespan. Work with Individuals, couples, and families. LGBT+ welcoming and inclusive. DBT trained, EMDR trained, PACT Level 2 trained
States Licensed in: Colorado (Also licensed as LMFT in Colorado); Texas

Other Therapists Specializing in Adoption and/or Donor Conception

Note: I am unable to recommend all of the therapists listed on these sites (I don’t know them all).
Note: You will find therapists licensed in many more states.

MPE (Misattributed Parentage Experience) Therapist Directory: – For Adult Adoptees, Donor Conceived Persons, and NPE (not-parent-expected in genealogy) issues. Misattributed Parentage Experience is an umbrella term for these 3 cohorts, when there is ‘misattributed’ or late discovery; although many of the therapists also work with other adoption, donor conception issues.

Grow Beyond Words – For Adoption, A list of therapists that are also Adoptees

Psychology Today – A Resource with therapists all over the country. Some TIPS for selecting a therapist based on my experience with this site:

  1. Enter the basics – Location, Insurance, Issues (Infertility and Adoption are included. Donor Conception is not listed yet but may (or may not) be in some of the therapists’ personal descriptions.)
  2. I look at Years of Experience, and prefer at least 10 years.
  3. Your issue should be listed in their Top Specialties when you open the profile.
  4. I steer clear of therapists with too many specialties. Seems like – “A Jack of All Trades and An Ace of None” – in my experience. Those of us that love to work with Infertility, Donor Conception and Adoption, keep learning about it from research, education, our clients, and different perspectives of different Donor Conception and Adoption Family Constellation Members. This tends to make these topics – rather than bunches of topics – our primary specialties. Of course, there are exceptions –always.

Based in Pennington, NJ