Spring 2018 Newsletter

Happy Spring!

I don’t know about you but I am going to act like its Spring even if it’s cold outside.

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  • What’s NEW at IAC Center
  • Some stimulating articles and a video
  • A Spring event you can participate in that helps the World Wide Orphan Organization WWO.


    • Joni Mantell, LCSW, and two young birth mothers are about to launch A Birth Parent Project for women and men considering adoption for their unborn child; and those that have already placed their child for adoption. Our program will include individual and group counseling, therapeutic writing, and the benefit of one-to-one personal contact with others that have similar life experience. Contact JMantellmsw@gmail.com to learn more about this exciting new program.
    • Joni Mantell, LCSW will offer a Waiting to Adopt Workshop for the Adoptions from the Heart agency on Thursday, May 10, 2018.  Contact Chris Peszka, MSW at christopherp@afth.org  if you are working with or interested in that agency and would like to attend.
    • Susan Merkel, MSW has successfully launched the first IAC Center Talking Circle for adoption constellation members dealing with search and reunion. This group has successfully bonded and is now full. She will start a second Talking Circle Group in May. Contact Susan at spmerkelmsw@gmail.com or 609-694-6065 to learn more about or join this meaningful group.
    • Lauren Jacob, MSW is doing lots of children’s and a teen adoption group. Please contact her at lscheiner@comcast.net  if your child or teen would enjoy a group. These groups meet once a month.
    • IAC Montclair New Jersey office closed: Some of you know and others do not know that Bridget Devine, MSW, IAC Center Counselor died prematurely in June 2017. We are not replacing her as she is obviously irreplaceable. Bridget was well regarded for her work with adopted children, teens and parents; her commitment to constant learning and improving her knowledge and skills; her wry sense of humor; her capacities for compassion and forming personal and professional relationships….and so much more. It has taken me awhile to write this and I don’t know how to do her loss justice. She is sorely missed, and there are days when I really want to talk with her.
    • We are able to make referrals to fertility and adoption therapists in Montclair New Jersey and other areas in New Jersey, New York and elsewhere; and we still have our IAC Center offices in Pennington New Jersey and New York City. Contact JMantellmsw@gmail.com to be matched with a therapist to meet your needs.
    • Phone Number for IAC Center is now 609-213-0977. We are no longer using the 609-737-8750 number. Spring cleaning & Simplifying!!

Articles and a Video that may be of interest to those whose lives are touched by adoption or infertility

An event we support: Dr. Melissa Goldstein (an adoption pediatrician at mgoldstein1226@gmail.com) shared this with me and I am happy to share it with you:  Dr. Goldstein is really excited about the WWO Charity Bike Team for the 2018 TD Five Boro Bike Tour, taking place in New York City on Sunday, May 6th. They need 35 WWO Riders (capable kids/teens are welcome) to bike 40 miles through the 5 boroughs of New York City while raising tens of thousands of dollars for WWO and the children they serve. They are asking that each rider pay a $500.00 registration fee and are encouraging each participant to try and raise AT LEAST $1,200.  They will provide tools to help you do this, including the ability to set up your own fundraising page and social media promotion for the Orphan Superhero Riders team. If you are interested in riding this year, please email Kristy at kristy@wwo.org or call her at 973-763-9961 x 201 to register and ensure your spot.   


I would love to hear from you, to know how you are doing and regarding what you need from IAC Center at this time in your life. Contact me at JMantellmsw@gmail.com or 609-213-0977.

Looking forward hearing from you and to LOTS of biking and hiking this Spring,



IAC Center Director

Based in Pennington, NJ