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Surviving Infertility

Infertility is ranked by psychologists as high on the stress scale as that of a life-threatening disease. Emotional reactions to infertility occur on a Grief Continuum¬©, range from basic grief about the difficulty or inability to have a biological child to a post-traumatic stress reaction that often lasts for a period of time even after […]

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Should We Adopt

“We are raising three children who’ve come from three different ‘methods.’ And yet they are each as much a part of us as the other. If you become parents at the end of the infertility rollercoester ride, the ride fades into the background and is no longer the focus of your life. Your focus becomes […]

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Making the Transition from Infertility to Adoption

For many, the decision to pursue adoption comes only after many years of struggling with infertility. Letting go of the dream of the biological child and embracing the deepest wish – to become a parent – usually involves some emotional work. Deciding to stop medical treatments Even though the infertility experience is most often described […]

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