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L.W., Adoptive Parent

“I learned a lot and also had an emotionally moving experience. The perspectives of the Counselors expanded my understanding, and the people who talked about their personal infertility or adoption were so amazingly genuine and open. I would recommend these workshops to anyone whose life is touched by infertility or adoption.”

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L.N., Age 16 years

“Sometimes we don’t even talk about adoption but it really makes me feel really good to know other kids who were adopted. I know I can talk to them about adoption if I want.” 

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R.D., Adult Adoptee

“Simply put, Joni is the first person to walk into my life and finish my sentences. She “got” me from the first time we met. She gave me the chance to really begin to open in an environment that was unquestionably safe and without ambiguity. Her personal style and sense pushed me when necessary and allowed me to fall safely when that was needed. My adoption is a fact, but I have been in pain for all of my 48 years over that fact. I now believe that some of that pain can be relieved. I am beginning to find my voice and true identity. I am beginning to find the lost boy.”

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S.G., Pre-Adopt Group

“When I began to attend Joni’s pre-adopt group I was still feeling very alone and depressed. It was relieving immediately to be with like-minded people. Once we made the decision to adopt it made it real for me. Joni made a difficult journey hopeful, healing. During the 9 months it took to complete the adoption, I was pregnant intellectually and emotionally. Now I wake up in the morning and look at my son. It feels like we were meant for each other. I am elated by motherhood, closer to being whole.”

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T.C., Adoptive Mother

“Mike and I would love to tell you how wonderful you made us feel – not just another family or another family with issues, but a family that mattered!”

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