Therapeutic Writing for Adoptive Parents and Parents-to-Be

Parenthood — whether we’re anticipating and planning, or already in the thick of it —can sometimes be hard to wrap our heads and hearts around. Putting words to complex and amorphous thoughts and feelings can be challenging. In this group, we’ll explore our internal experiences around adoptive parenthood through short writing exercises — such as a letter to your child’s birth parent, or an imagining of how your life will be with a child — complemented by discussion and optional sharing. You will have an opportunity to explore these issues with like-minded peers and to learn from one another’s experiences, perspectives and wisdom.

Adoptive parents-to-be at any stage of the process and adoptive parents of children of any ages are warmly welcome. Just bring an open mind, a creative spirit, and a desire for self-reflection and discovery.

In this intimate (12 people maximum) one-day workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Turn adversity into creativity
  • Untangle deep and complex emotions and ideas
  • Work through grief and loss
  • Express your multi-faceted feelings about your child’s birth parents
  • Ground and center yourself, especially if you’re feeling antsy and anxious as you wait
  • Clarify emotions if you feel stuck
  • Process feelings around being an adoptive parent
  • Expand your understanding of yourself as a parent
  • Embrace all aspects of your life journey – how adoptive parenthood fits into the whole picture

This group will be facilitated by Sarah Saffian LMSW, MFA, adoptee, author of Ithaka, and memoir teacher at Sarah Lawrence and the Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

For additional information about this group, contact Emily Morgan at or 609-737-8750

Based in Pennington, NJ