Understanding Open Adoption Today

This workshop is for you if you are considering or pursuing an adoption; an adoption triad member or a professional working with adoptive families.

Understanding what level of openness is right for your family, creating a plan, maintaining and managing the issues that come up over the life cycle of an adoption will be discussed.

Workshop Facilitator Joni S. Mantell, LCSW, Director of IAC Center is a psychotherapist specializing in adoption since 1993 with extensive clinical experience working with all adoption triad members in closed, semi-open and open adoptions. She is also a frequent feature writer and contributor to the “Ask the Expert” column for Adoptive Families magazine, where she is known for her ability to integrate and differentiate adoption, child developmental and other psychological issues.

She will be joined by a panel of adoption triad members who have personal experiences with open adoption.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • The difference between semi-open and open adoption
  • Creating an open adoption plan that you are comfortable with
  • Some specific issues to consider if you are planning a “post-placement adoption contact agreement”
  • Your own and other triad members emotions and issues at various points in the life cycle
  • Communication skills to sensitively and effectively navigate open adoption relationships
  • Handling difficulties when they arise in an open adoption.
  • Opening up an adoption
  • The impact of the internet on these relationships

Based in Pennington, NJ